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Bro Cela Natok Part 2 Free download All Software

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Completing Story:
  1. An honest wood cutter
  2. Where there is a will, there is a way (a thirsty crow)
  3. Failure is the pillar of success
  4. Slow and steady wins the race (hare and tortoise)
  5. A greedy farmer (A wonderful goose)
  6. Dress does not make one great
  7. A friend in need is a friend indeed
  8. Rina is a poor girl who works in a rich man’s house …..
  9. Unity is strength (The old farmer and his quarrelling sons)
  10. A Liar Shepherd
  11. King Midas and the golden touch
  12. A fortunate rickshaw puller
  13. Who will bell the cat

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Habiganj Name And Some Story know You Free Download All Software

Habiganj name and some story
In ancient history and tradition, rich rice, knowledge, tea, green, flowers, fruit crops, holders of art-literature-architectural heritage, thousands of different forms of nature, lalabhumi, khoyai, branch, Barak, Tsutang, Sonai, Karangi, Baraam, Benka, Gholaduba, Ghungjijuri, Kangpasha, Maka, Dumdum Bill, Dhulki Bill, Makal Kandi, haor-baore, Tila-Platan and Raghunandan, surrounded by Islia, Kuliyachra, Barei, Shotki, Kalni, Bhuichara river, Satchhari, Kalinga, Dinarpur Surrounding the tea gardens in the surroundings of Chandpur, Amu, Nalua, Chaklapunji, Chandichara, Jagdishpur, Teliipara, Begaon, Deondi, Nayapara, Parakul, Rema, Balumara, Vrindaban, Madhupur, Rashidpur, Lalchand, Laskarpur, Shrbari, Surma, etc., Valley like a canal bill, river-stream, tree plantation, pond-dighi, downstream, landslide, ground-ghat, billy-jungle, etc. and in the assortment of various species of animals Awakening of the beautiful natural beauty of saint-saint, fakir-sannyasi, poet-litterateur, Baul-Vairagiri, is an ancient tradition of Habiganj district.
Historically, it is known that Syed Habib Ullah, son of Syed Hedayet Ullah, founded the historic Sultanshir Hubli's founder, Syed Sultan, in the ancient times, Ghanj or Bazar by the river Khoyi. Firstly, people call it Habib's brother Ganj on the banks of the Khoyai River, when the market is growing slowly, the people of Syed Habib Ullah are called. By the time the market was named Habib Ganj, then Habib Ganj to Habiganj.
At one time this region was divided into three states, 1. Dinarpur State, 2. Baniachang State, and 3 The kingdom of the kingdom Once again, from 1779 to 1790, the Dhaka division was associated with it. Habiganj was first subdivision in 1878, Habiganj was connected with Sundari Sylhet. After 13 years of independence after the British and Pakistani rule, Late Rear Admiral Mahbub Ali inaugurated the Habiganj district as a district on March 31, 1984. The position of Habiganj district, 23 ° 57 inches from 24 degree 42 in north latitude and 91 degrees 10 inches east from 91 degrees 40 inches east. Sunamganj and Sylhet districts on the north, Moulvibazar district on the east, Tripura state of India on the south and Kishoreganj and B-Baharia districts on the west. Habiganj district has an area of ​​2636.58 sq km. Traditionally, this habitat is spreading through the past, with 8 upazilas, 9 administrative thanas, 6 municipalities, 77 union parishads, 2284 villages and 121 hatta bazaars. Those who contributed in the literary field of Habiganj include Mohakobi Syed Sultan, Sri Chaitanya Dev, Mansur Baiati, Hemang Biswas, Devendra Kumar Pal, Yogendra Chandra Kumar, Sheikh Bhanu, Siraj Haq, Dinesh Ranjan Nath, Abdul Mababbir Ibn Habib, Siddiqur Rahman, Jahan Ara Khatun, Syeda Mamtaz Begum, Jyotsna Chandra, Muhammad Ramzan Ali, Moulvi Anjh Ali Akhnaji, Abdur Rouf Chowdhury, Syed Mostafa Kamal, Shah Muhammad Arjan Ali, Syed Mohammad Abdus Chattar, Tarafdar Muhammad Ismail, Bhaban Mohan Bhattacharya, Abdur Rab Chowdhury, Professor Afzal Chowdhury, AK Sheram, Perth Sarthi Roy Chowdhury, Muhammad Abul Bashir Bangal Prachar One of the most important. Among those who are currently studying literary studies, among others, are SM Taher Khan, Kamal Ahmed, Roma Modak, Raju Biswas, Apu Chowdhury, M Fazlur Rahman Khaled, Tahmina Begum Guinea and many others.