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Code blocks C Today, I'll start for the C programming. The C programming language is a standard library. Let us start with the library functions. Suppose we write a program without first cut. However, I'm afraid but there is nothing to fear. An intelligent computer device. So it has nothing to fear us. So in order to do this we need for a  c programming compiler good quality of a compiler. c programming compiler is all the best.

how to run codeblocks on windows 8.1  I think like most of the current market is a compiler kodablaka . You can go here to download it. Then codeblocks-10.05- setup.exe and codeblocks-10.05mingw-setup.exe file to see the name of the two . You can download the second . This file is about 74 MB in size like . And it is much easier to setup .
how to use the code blocksAt  friest
c progrmming basic is very important.You have to imagine that
the first saphataoyaratayou want to create , to be this type .

how to use codeblocks for cprogramming Insert two things in mind before you take it easier . The printf and scanf command output by the input means . Now we have wanted to build a software that runs easily saphataoyarata Jane bhese our name up on the screen .
how to use opencv with codeblocks You can not open the first block of code . You can then file> new> empty file , click . You can now start writing from the
empty space .

void main()
printf("I am a student. My name is khayrul hasan.I am a SEO worker.");
how to work on code block  c programming loops are very important. You will notice that the first line is c programming header files. And what is the stdio.h (standard input and output) refers. We are giving him some instruction input to output files. The second line is the name of the header file that is written in it, but we conio.h bottom, getch function've used it for. Look, we've used #include to include each hidara program files. And we hidara files <> have inside.

However, it can be said that it is a simple rule to include hidara file #include <hidara you write to the file> Let's come to the third line, that here we have a function whose name is used void main. However, it is used as a function of the C library program. Now you must have realized that, after each function a () symbol is used. Tell me, tell us how this program has the function of the total seats. However, we duitatei () use. For example, main () and getch (){Sign diiye the fourth line we have started the original program and will do it again} marks the end.

Now, the thing of the easiest programs to be displayed on the fifth line printf ( "") of the type. That will show us that the thing of it is always, always in the printf () function can be used. However, it would be normal sutrata printf ( "Here's the text you want to display"); However, you must remember that you sign two curly braces {} in the line as far as to write, Semi- colon at the end of the line as you ; Do not use the end . Now we getch (); } You've finished entering the program . Now you have to run the program , cntrl + f9 button to save the program to your kampiutare . Again, press cntrl + 9 phailtara information below will show you the details of the program . The following press cntrl + f10 to easily extend a program that we wanted to see .

I am a student. My name is khayrul hasan.I am a SEO worker.

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