How to Build and Run a CodeBlocks?

At frist to create a program in the CodeBlocks C integrated development environment, you must build the project. This single step does several things. If you’ve already started your first project, ex0101, and it’s open and displayed in CodeBlocks, you’re ready to build. Heed these steps
  •  Ensure that the project you want to build is activated in the Management window.
  •   Activated projects appear in bold text. If you have more than one project shown in the Projects window, activate the one you want to work with by right-clicking the project name (by the Code::Blocks icon) and choosing the Activate Project command. 
  • Choose Build→Build from the menu.
  • The Build Log tab in the Logs part of the window displays the results of building the project. You see a few lines of text.
Because you didn’t mess with the source code skeleton, the project compiles with no errors; 
you see the text within the summary that indicates zero errors and zero warnings. Good. When errors do appear, which is often, you go about fixing them. The error messages help in that regard.
Building a project is only half the job. The other half is running the project, which means executing the completed program from within the IDE.
To run the current project, choose Build→Run from the menu. You see the terminal window appear, listing the program’s output, plus some superfluous text.
So now i tell you you follow this instrastion for your good.

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