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The Olympic Games are an international sporting competition . International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) in 1894 , Baron Pierre de kuberatyam first formed . The IOC 's Olympic Games is to better manage and control all the activity .
Finally, after a lot of thinking , and twenty-first of the twentieth century, the Olympic Games has been a lot of changes .
One of the changes introduced in the Winter Olympic Games , Paralympic Games for disabled athletes for the Youth Olympic Games circulation and teenage girls introduced .
And these changes have been effective to overcome a long way behind the aiosikeo . However, to achieve economic efficiency for many types aiosike said. Political skills and technical skills are .
As a result of the Olympic Games, Pierre de kuberatyamra moved away from non-sense. As a result, the first professional athletes, Olympic Games, the competition is a great opportunity. The competition was closed for many days during the First World War. During World War II it was closed again in this competition for a long time. The competition was held in very limited again during the Cold War.

A committee consisting of the Olympic Games are held. There are some rules and regulations for the conduct of the Olympic Games. According to the rules of the International Olympic Sports Federations, National Olympic Committee and the Committee of the Olympic Games, each time for each tournament is held. For each edition of the selection of the host country of the Olympic Games is the only IOC (International Olympic Committee) is stored.According to the Olympic Charter, the Olympic Games host country shall bear all costs echao host the Olympic Games will raise the required funds . However, the IOC Olympic Games sports program can accept all the decisions . Because the IOC ( International Olympic Committee ) is the owner of all power .

In addition to sports competitions at the Olympic Games and many customs and practices are introduced. Customs and practices, such as the Olympic Games torch in the Olympic Games flag, a beautiful opening ceremony of the Olympic Games closing ceremony of the finished etc. Also a good. Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games in 33 sports, 400 athletes took part in the course of about 26000.Each athlete is barate the participant numbers . Former Olympic Games gold medal in each of these is given . Every department is given to the latter by the silver medal . The third was given a silver medal each .

Period immediately movement 'has reached such a position that the Olympic Games, today almost all countries have participated in the competition. As a result, every year, to accept or reject extends rules. Drugs, bribery and various kinds of terrorist activities because of the controversy has been created. Every two years, a little-known Olympic athletes and their associated media by the national and even international reputation overnight gave the opportunity, many of which are generous.Countries hosting large events such as the Olympic Games all over the world have the opportunity to get a great opportunity to express yourself well , which is not easily found in any country , which is the matter of fate .

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