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Computer information: We can learn a lot easier to open the book . Today is the era of the Internet . Over time, our knowledge of the age of the Internet has increased . We each of us to act as our ancestors learned how to improve . However, we were unable to change the history of computers and the Internet . Almost 00 years ago, we lived in an age of darkness. Thomas-Alva-Edison brought light to the darkness, and the end of an era. After the discovery of the horse and the unbridled power of our science hayegela series of radio, television, mobile phone, satellite TV, etc. However, in the biggest and most successful of the modern computer. However, the discovery of the idea of ​​computers, televisions and even older than the radio. Charles byabesa construction and use of the idea of a device that only mechanically , that means without any kind of intelligence , mathematical calculations , but could easily have had the idea that it is the instrument of our modern computer . Charles byabesa could not see the lifespan of the application . The current contribution of computer technology is behind the relentless hard work of many people over the centuries , many of the studies and innovative energy signature. Later calculations easier to work together with different instruments and different techniques , but the ayabakasa yantrakei an ancient count is considered to be the first instrument in the history of modern computers . Ayabakasa we can say that the history of the modern computer Happy trails . In 1642 , then 19-year- old French scientist, known by its detractors in Pascal invented the first mechanical calculator . All known computer (computer) Compute the Greek word (compute) the word came from the first .

programming idea: Who do you tell the computer , and the computer automatically so you shall do no work . The need for the computer to work properly tailored . This is the right way to get the necessary programming . If it was written somewhere in modern computers ( 9 - 7) = How much ? Even if you do not get the answer . but why ? Why is the answer can not be found in modern computers ? Even if you do not get the answer . but why ? Why is the answer can not be found in modern computers ? Who will give you before you tell the computer how to do what he says . If your computer only if you understand it, the computer will show you . Now the question may be how a computer to convey these things to you? If the answer is that modern computers with modern computer language that will convince you . Otherwise, the computer will not work . The modern computer language is 1 and 0 , which is the binary language . I understand the need for the modern computer programming.

What can be done with computer programming: In fact, the question should not be this way. Through its programming, but should have told do not or did not happen in your life? As you said, tomorrow (1-10000000000000000) to make a list of all the prime numbers all have to do. How can you be in danger after it difficult to say? But yes, if you do not know programming to pararai danger. And if you know programming, then you can easily find out. The less time you take it, which is almost 1215 minutes. It seems very simple, is not it? Programming is not just simabadhya in these accounts. Developed a lot of software you can easily know programming. Edit allows you to easily make a lot of video games, which is only possible madhyamei programming. What if you have a lot of new games, new software can create. Gates may like to know programming you can go into and yukarabarga. You can easily attack on the enemy again with programming. Through that, the hacking. In a word, to bring a new dimension to computer programming , you must be aware .

What can be done with programming: Let's think about this logically, that any programmer in the world today if it were not? What if I sit here in my hobby computer could run? I am writing here, it would not have been written today. You do not have to learn what I need to learn programming, so everyone thinks like me, you do not need to learn programming, then what will happen? We are 60 years later, again going back to the primitive age. Compared to other countries, such as information and technology in our country there is a lot behind, which is embarrassing to say. The main reason is that the program is not known. Computer games and movies to understand where we are, but there are so many talented kids in the 11-13-year-old is the new new game, why? What we are less intelligent than others? Why can not we build. Children can make in other games, but if we can not learn to write 5 lines of the program and why? Of course I can. Because I think, is the insistence and confidence, nothing will not be able to keep him in check sometimes.

Where to learn programming languages: Well first you need to learn programming is to force your mind. You can take courses from outside programming. Alternatively there are a lot of tutorials on many web site to learn programming, which can take the easy way. In addition, if there is no programmer can learn from him byasikata programming or programming of the course is to have a much better organization, you can take it from there.

Career as a programmer: Career programming linking youth to the world of work . If you pursue a career as a programmer in the world to highlight the name of your country is about . Now, a lot of different outsourcing software development work is now available on the site , where you can be abbreviated garete your career . my career as a programmer.You can arrange your career as a successful phrilancara . Alternatively many companies have made software development . Here you can get a job and pay a large sum. If you can be a great programmer, but you may be job opportunities abroad. The carrier is brilliant programmers of all cases, however, just the way you build yourself if you worry-free. Because sometimes you do not have to travel for work done, but you will be easily caught. That's the most interesting thing, do not go to the other based work easier.

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